News for April

The big deal this month is the launch of our new category in The Junk Bin called Dutch Auction. We’ve been hoarding up the more valuable and desirable old type fonts from our treasure hunts and holding them back against the day we could set up a system to let the world at large (other than eBay) determine their fair market value—and this is it. Items are posted for sale at an admittedly optimistic price, but this decreases on a regular schedule. The first one willing to Buy-it-Now at the current price gets it! We’ve opened Dutch Auction with a bang, posting 33—count ’em, 33—items for sale; and a few have already been snarfed up even before today’s official opening. Standing bids are accepted. (Your bid will of course be absolutely confidential.) The price is marked down 4% each week—if and when it reaches the highest standing bid, the sale is closed. (If multiples are available, you may purchase one, some or all at that price each.)  Check it out; this is where the Good Stuff is.

Meanwhile back at the foundry our two new items this month are Border F-1063 and Border F-1064. Both are simple 12 point Borders; the latter a single-element and the former a two-element. Good basic decorative material to have in your shop (studio, for you newbies).

Back in stock: Weiss Roman 18pt Lowercase Supplement, and Della Robbia in 24pt.

And now having posted this before dawn, I’m on the road to rescue a long-lost Vandercook for restoration. But the high point for April will definitely be the Bay Area Printers Fair, hosted at History Park by the San Jose Printers Guild. This is an outstanding event that just gets better every year. Don’t miss it! Skyline will be there with several tables loaded up just short of collapse with shiny new Fonts, Borders, Collections and Initials. (Free delivery to the fair, just put in your order on, select Local Pickup on shipping, and add a note to bring it to the BAPF.) See you there!

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