News for December

We continue to cast ornamental material from that treasure trove of matrices rescued from the defunct type foundry in India.  This month we present Border No. U-26 in 12 point.  It’s a seven-element outline design, with three different pairs of mirror-image runners and a corner that’s unique in that it’s not diagonally symmetrical.  The source of this design is unknown but it seems to show influence from both the arabesque and art nouveau styles.

It’s tempting to just produce new products, but the fact is we have several dozen items that are sold out, and many more that are running low.  That’s what happens when business is good—so, no complaints here!  Nevertheless, we’re endeavoring to shift the balance back a little.  To that end, restock castings have been done for Borders No. 245, No. 601, No. U-2 and No. U-3. All of these are now in stock and available again.  Interest in The Junk Bin (our used-type department) continues to run high and 29 new listings were posted in November.  (Still working on straightening out the Sort By feature on that page; it’s requiring extreme measures.)

So throw another log on the fire and enjoy your latest order of shiny new Skyline type—printing in a snug shop on a snowy day is as good as it gets (excepting you high summer folks Down Under!).  Catch you again on New Years Day.

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