News for October

Fresh off the caster, another 19th century gem from the Charlie Broad matrix collection: French Clarendon Extended, in 6 point.  Here, let me save you the trouble– “Six point!?!?  Why the heck would they cast that in such a small, useless size!?”  The answer is, that’s the one and only size in which dear old Charlie made matrices for this face.  At Skyline we are determined to cast every face in the collection, so it was either now or later.  In planning this project we figured nobody would ever want to set it solid in 6 point (except maybe NRBY, but we all know he’s crazy), so it’s cast on 12 point body for ease of composition.

We also present Border No. U-7, in 12 point, for your printing pleasure.  The runner element was a stray matrix of unknown origin and we selected the em-body solid diamond as a corner to complement it.

Clear the road, we’re packin’ up the ol’ Typemobile for a run to the 9th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair!  It will be held Saturday, October 14 at the famous International Printing Museum in Carson–it’s huge, don’t miss it.  Full info can be found at  Stop by our tables, say hello, and take home some shiny new type.

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