News for April

Times being what they are, it seems only appropriate for us to offer something peculiarly suited to all our left-leaning printer friends.  Behold: 24pt  Delraye,  a face that goes all the way back to the days of Whigs and Mugwumps (the philosophies of which could also be viewed as strangely apropos these days!). This backslanted, oblique, shadowed face actually originated with the Figgins type foundry in England.  You can use it to print titles on manifestos, petitions, and propaganda leaflets.   Tories be warned—don’t stare at it too long or you might start listing to port.

Moreover, furthermore, and withal, say hello to another 19th century face,  Thunderbird Extra Condensed  in 48pt. This being the largest size we are able to produce at Skyline, it complements our previous casting of T-bird XC in 36.  Plenty of both are in stock.

Our third new item this month is  Collection No. 42.  It’s an array of stuff specific to the printing craft, including a gaggle of those cute little colonial printers.  And there are a couple of things in here just for our Canadian friends.

Happy Spring—the days are growing longer, and time is running out on your excuse that it’s too cold in the shop to print!

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