News for September

In developing the intricate Alpha-Blox presentation box over the past few months, we gained a fair amount of woodworking experience.  And this has led to the realization that it would be comparatively easy to produce the wooden item that printers use most: imposing furniture.  So as of this month, we do!
It’s kiln-dried birchwood, precision cut, sanded, and hand-rubbed with boiled linseed oil.  The length of each piece is stamped on the end.  This is the way it was done in the old days, and the tradition is carried on at Skyline.  You can get
a single piece or a full set—see the new Furniture page for details.

But we’re still a type foundry, first and foremost.  New this month is a face so rare it’s not even shown in McGrew: Caption in 30pt. Introduced around 1940 by Mergenthaler Linotype, it was not a success, and quickly fell into obscurity.  I’ll bet even Rick von Holdt doesn’t have this one.


Leaves, leaves, and more leaves!  Just in time for autumn (or spring, depending on your hemisphere and ink color), we invite you to have a maple-leaf-fest with our new 36pt Border No. F-1631.  Or bury yourself in oak leaves and acorns with 24pt Border No. G-69, and let your significant other try to figure out which nut is you.  Lastly, Border No. F-1617: this elegant 24pt three-piece foliage border was designed by Rudolph Ruzicka to go with his Fairfield type face.  Skyline salutes John Horn who made this one possible by furnishing the matrices.

Border F-1631

Border G-69

Border F-1617

Celebrate International Letterpress Day on 9/18—print something!

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