News for March

In our never-ending quest to revive history’s rare, obscure, and unusual type faces, we’re proud to present a casting of  Card Italic  in its centennial year.  This novelty face was issued in 1915 by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company as (according to McGrew) a copy of Amsterdam’s Ella Italic.  We hope it will find a warm welcome in 21st century letterpress.  Being a face that no reasonable person would set in all-capitals, the font scheme is biased toward fewer caps and more lowercase.  (This is a Skyline innovation without precedent at any other type foundry, to our knowledge.)

Card Italic

By popular demand we have done another run of Jessen Schrift in 16pt.  Full fonts and lowercase supplements will both be available (and of course will align with the previous casting).  This is completed but not yet packaged, so it won’t be available for purchase until April—but we want to give you a heads-up and get the word out so you can plan accordingly.  We’re trying to get ahead of the curve and do restock castings before an item is sold out, and several borders that were running low had proactive recastings in February.

The sun is warm here in Arizona, the sky blue, and the fruit trees surrounding the foundry building are in full bloom.  We have exciting new projects planned for this year, as well as trips to four Printer’s Fairs.  Happy Spring!

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