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If Fifteenth Century looks irregular, that’s because it was designed to have the appearance of the earliest roman printing types. The face was brought out in 1896 by Barnhart Bros. & Spindler. BB&S/American Type Founders continued producing it into the 20th century, having renamed it Caslon Antique (which they had no business doing, since it was created ex nihilo and has no relation whatsoever to Caslon). It is shown in the BB&S 1925 catalog. Questions of authenticity aside, it really is quite a useful face. Some years ago here at Skyline it was used in printing a chapbook of colonial-era epitaphs found in a New England cemetery, and it was perfect. We are offering it in two editions: a full font in 24 point, and a title font (caps, points and figures) of the same 24pt size, but cast on 18 point body for economy and closer fit.

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