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This florid face was patented February 12, 1885, by the MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Co. It was only made three sizes, of which we present two. The matrices are from Charles Broad’s antique revival in the 1960s. The specimen shown is 24pt. The 12pt font includes the same 46 characters plus pound sterling.

There was a total of thirty-one (31) ornamental elements designed for exclusive use with Arboret No. 2, in the exceedingly elaborate style then fashionable. Each of the three type sizes (12, 18, 24) was furnished with a selection of seventeen of these; some ornaments were specific to a single point size font, and some common to all sizes. The set of matrices created by Charlie Broad includes nineteen ornaments. These consist of eleven of the original seventeen furnished with 12pt fonts, and fourteen of seventeen for the 24pt. We have done a comprehensive search of the Skyline matrix vault and selected substitutes for three of the missing elements. This brings the count up to all seventeen for the 24pt, and fourteen of seventeen for 12pt.

Please note that certain of the ornaments function as word spaces, so although they are sold separately, we recommend getting an Ornament Suite if either font is purchased.

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