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News for June/July

Our new antique revival for this month is Salem in 24pt. A rather rare face, first released in 1901 by the historic Keystone Type Foundry, its intentionally quaint letterforms make it a unique and versatile novelty face.


Back in stock:
Lexington; Border No. 776 and Border No. U-8.

Skyline will be closed June 19 – July 13 for our pilgrimage to the APA Chicago Wayzgoose.  This promises to be a grand event, open to all friends of letterpress printing.  For full information, go to

A comprehensive selection of fonts, borders, initials and Collections will be available at the Skyline sales table.

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Announcing a Special Casting

Skyline-Type-Foundry-600-JessenWe are preparing to do a special subscription casting of Jessen Schrift.  This romanized blackletter face originated with Rudolph Koch at Germany’s Klingspor foundry in the 1930s.  Skyline has the matrices for four sizes of this face on indefinite loan from their owner; the largest being sixteen (16) point, which will be produced in this project.  Other sizes may be cast at a later date.  (Quads and spacing in this body size are readily available from our friends at M&H Type.)  Fonts will be 9-A 18-a 5-1 and a double lowercase supplement will also be offered–Price Code N for either.  Anyone wishing to reserve some of this type for purchase should contact Skyline via email by the deadline of June 6.  Response will determine how many fonts are cast; a few extra will be made for stock, but availability is not guaranteed unless you contact us.
The graphic above, while rather low-res, is a description of the face and the matrices as published for the Mike Anderson Estate Auction, where the mats were purchased by their present owner.