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Type Fonts

Specimen Book & Catalog, Volume 1

Download Edition No. 67  (September 1, 2017)

Here is a comprehensive and always up-to-date Specimen Book and Catalog of all type fonts and decorative material we have cast to date. It may be downloaded with one click on the link above, then viewed, saved, or printed out at your convenience.

The type illustrated and described has been cast and is available for purchase, except items noted as sold out. The image is from an actual letterpress proof (but of course, being digitally scanned, electronically processed, and displayed by glowing pixels, it does not perfectly represent the actual image quality). Fonts are put up in a deluxe storage box with specimen printed on the label, and securely shrink-wrapped.


Specimen Book & Catalog, Volume 2

Download Edition No. 44  (August 1, 2017)

Initials & Collections

Specimen Book & Catalog, Volume 3

Download Edition No. 30  (June 1, 2017)

Available Type and Custom Castings

Fonts and borders that we have already cast, and are on the shelf for immediate shipping, are shown in our Specimen Book & Catalog above. New items are steadily added as more castings are done. On-request (commissioned) castings can sometimes be worked into our schedule, depending on several variables and with a certain minimum purchase. Email your request and we’ll certainly give it serious consideration.

If You Need Quads & Spacing or Strip Material

Quads and spacing are necessary, of course, to do composition with metal type.  There are other suppliers making this stuff, so we concentrate our efforts on producing type.  If you need quads and spacing or leads and slugs we recommend our friends at Swamp Press, or over in San Francisco at M&H Type.


Font Schemes Chart

Download the Skyline Type Foundry Font Scheme Chart

How much type is in a font? Using this chart, based on the font schemes used by American Type Founders, you can find the answer. It indicates the quantity of each character.

Type Foundry Production Flow Chart

Download the Skyline Type Foundry Production Flow Chart

What goes on inside a type foundry, anyway? It’s not as simple as you might think. Actually casting the type is only one of 13 separate operations necessary to produce a finished font ready to go out the door. Here for your interest is a flow chart showing the process that takes place at Skyline to produce type.

Arboret No. 2

Click here to see the original MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan specimen showing of Arboret No. 2 with all ornaments.

Bruce Rogers Ornaments

Click here to see the original Monotype showing of the Bruce Rogers Ornaments in Collections No. 13 and 14.

ATF Troyer Ornaments

Click here to see the story on the ATF Troyer Ornaments in Collections No. 31, 32, and 33.

ATF Alpha-Blox

Click here to see the original American Type Founders 1944 specimen of Alpha-Blox