Vandercook 4 – Newly Restored!


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This 1952 Vandercook Model 4 was bought new by a photography and printing company in Hollywood. In 1993 the company closed and the press was removed to dry storage in the California desert. Skyline acquired it several years ago and gave it a full restoration, as we have done with many other platen and cylinder presses.

The V4 has an electric inking system and manual impression cylinder. This press is available now, ready to go, with easy access. It comes with  headbar, tailbar, “Handy Lockup Bar”, roller gauge, wrenches, original documentation, brand-new Ramco rollers and a copy of Paul Moxon’s essential book, Vandercook Presses: Maintenance, History and Resources, if you don’t already have one. Impression cylinder is standard 0.040″ undercut, so no galley or galley plate required. Cabinet drawers and center bay are lined with rubber yoga-mat material. The press is securely bolted to 2×6 planks to facilitate maneuvering on pipe rollers.

Bed size: 15″ x 35″
Footprint: 6’6″ x 2’2″
Weight: 1100 lbs

Additional information

Weight 1100 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 26 × 44 in