Gothic No. 5, 30pt


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This antique type font is a rescue from the old newspaper office in Silverton, Colorado. The pinmark is that of Chicago Type Foundry, predecessors to the famous Marder, Luse & Co. The face is a late 19th century thick-and-thin gothic, distinguished by the capital Q having a unique and odd letterform. Moderately worn and complete with ligatures, diphthongs and sterling.

This just in from Bob M. in Wisconsin:  “The Chicago Type Foundry did business under several names before it became Marder, Luse & Co. about 1869, but the company used BOTH names (ChicagoTF and M,L&Co.) in their catalogs and advertising until (and after) the ATF merger.  The Chicago Type Foundry specimen is shown as Gothic No. 5 in the 1890 specimen book.”

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