(not) Venus, 20pt NOCAT

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Complete used font from Central Type Foundry.

Age-darkened but very good condition with minimal wear.

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This delicately-shaded Venus dates to the 19th century, and is obviously NOT the better-known mid 20th century plain-gothic face of the same name from Bauer Foundry. Kerns on certain characters indicate that the matrices predate the point system. Cast on a twenty (20) point body; some 20pt spacing is included, and 10pt 2-em quads rotated sideways can also be used.

This from George T., our consultant in OK:  It really was called “Venus” in the 1892 Central-Boston specimen book, in 14, 20 & 30 point. It may have been intended as a companion face to Raphael (18, 24, 36), which had a lowercase and some fancy caps. Otherwise the look was the same.  It also shows to be “Patent Pending” though I don’t find a patent on it.


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