Historic Electros & Photoengravings from Silverton Newspaper


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This is a collection of historic old newspaper electrotypes, stereotypes and photoengravings rescued from the dark, dusty building of the Silverton Standard in Silverton, Colorado. All are wood-mounted, approximately type-high, with no water damage, warping or serious splitting—i.e., all appear to be printable.

Pic 1: A copper electro halftone with a thin solid border, a big mine. Remainder are portraits of men, women and a baby. Two are servicemen in uniform including one posing in aviator gear with flying goggles.

Pic 2: Portraits plus two halftone scenes; one a main street of town and the other a mining scene.

Pic 3: People, champion basketball team, and a copper electro of a very impressive mining scene.

Pic 4: Big mine/mill scene and a formal pic of the Silverton High School Class of ’50.

Pic 5: Portraits and a shot of 4 trophy bucks laid out after the hunt.

Pic 6: A couple of proof sheets from the paper dated February 12, 1937.

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