Civilité ATF482, 48pt


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If we all could go back in time and buy just one type face from American Type Founders, what would it be? I’ll bet folks would be standing in line for Civilité. This is our score of the year, found in a dusty old type cabinet rescued from a long-closed, jam-packed shed in a small southwestern desert town. All fonts are complete in caps, lowercase, points and figures (notwithstanding a low count here and there; WYSIWYG) and have minimal wear. Lacking a comprehensive specimen of Civilité, I can’t determine whether all specials are there, but each size is loaded with ’em.

We will be offering fonts sequentially in 18, 24, 36 and (gasp!) 48 point—when one size sells, the next will be posted. Notes on the specific fonts:

18pt   Excellent condition, good and clean, 3.8 lbs, two fonts available.
24pt   Excellent condition, good and clean, plentiful at 8.7 lbs.
36pt   Some age-darkening but clean and hefty at 11.9 lbs.
48pt   Uniformly darkened, this largest size that ATF made is a 16.2 lb treasure. NOTE: All three cap F have a broken kern.

Additional information

Weight 16.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8 × 1 in