ATF Red, White & Blue Border (1898)


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This 125-year-old Border came perilously close to being thrown in the hellbox. The pieces were mixed in with other old decorative material, it was very difficult to figure out what belonged with what, and then once it was all separated out, figure out just what the heck it was, and whether complete. As a last resort I just started leafing through the few old type catalogs I have, and Jackpot! American Type Founders 1898, page 602. The fourth pic above is a scan of that page, the red ink rather faded. This is in truth a 3-color border, as the Red and Blue elements are carefully designed to leave a stripe of White between them.

I did a detailed analysis of the specimen in order to determine what elements constituted the complete border set, and whether all are present. Alas no, it appears there are three (3) missing. But if you can read the markings on the sheet and in the carefully organized box of type, you will see just what is there—and it’s definitely enough for this to be a serviceable border.

Condition is pretty clean with age-darkening and light wear.

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