Antique 2-Color Electrotyped Ornamental Initials

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Complete alphabet in each color, plus 17 duplicates.

Good clean condition without noticeable wear or corrosion.

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Age and source of these initials are unknown, but likely dating to the 19th century. Size is 4-line or approximately 48 point. The eleven extra pieces consist of 7 paired characters and 3 singles.  All pieces are copper electro on stereotype metal, mounted on a wood block. At least some and possibly all of the blocks have been drilled out and liquid type metal poured into the bore; this gives added strength. Base form electros are glued onto the block (no room for nails) and the color elements are nailed on. Looks like these were done by a professional electrotyping company.  The face is an oldstyle semi-rugged roman, possibly hand-drawn, very close to Plymouth.  No proof has been taken; there will likely be slight variations in height which may require individual makeready.  DA0123

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 1 in