Type Fonts

The fonts illustrated and described below are type that has been cast and is available for purchase, except as noted.  The image is from an actual letterpress proof (but of course, being digitally scanned, electronically processed, and displayed by glowing pixels, it does not perfectly represent the actual image quality or size).  Fonts are put up in a deluxe storage box with laminated specimen on the top.

This is a chart which you can download and print out in one page.  It indicates the quantity of each character in a font, for all point sizes.  It's based on the font schemes used by American Type Founders, with some minor refinements.




Bewick Roman                 12-18-24-36 pt
Bradley                             24 pt
Caxtonian                         24 pt
Cochin                               18 pt
Cooper Tooled                 18 pt
Crayonette                       12 pt
Della Robbia                     12-14-18-24-30-36 pt
Dresden                             24 pt
Extended Black                24 pt
Fournier le Jeune             24-30 pt
Glyptic                                24 pt
Hadriano Stone-Cut         24 pt
Iroquois Condensed        18 pt
Keynote                             18-24-36-48 pt
Lexington                          24 pt
McMurtrie Title                 24 pt
Narciss                               36 pt
Neon                                   18-24-42 pt
Neuland                              18-24-30-42 pt
Neuland Inline                   18 pt
Othello                                24 pt
Othello Inline                     24 pt
Park Avenue                      18 pt
Paramount                         24 pt
Playbill                                48 pt
Sans Serif Light w/Alts    18-24-30-36-48 pt
Sans Serif Light Italic       18-24-30 pt
Schoeffer Old Style           24 pt
Tangier                                30 pt
Trocadero                          18 pt
Worrell Uncial                    12 pt

Ornamental & Monogram Initials:
     Ben Franklin Decorative Initials          36 pt
     Egmont Decorative Initials                  36 pt
     John Alden Decorative Initials            36 pt
     Massey Two-Color Initials                   36pt

*    *    *    *    *      


Code D     (Decorative Initials)                       $20.00
Code F      (Some Special Title Fonts)            $35.00
Code G     (Decorative Initials, 2-color)         $40.00
Code H     (Standard Title Fonts)                    $45.00
Code K     (Some Larger Title Fonts)              $55.00
Code L     (Some Larger Title Fonts)              $60.00
Code N     (Standard Full Fonts)                      $70.00
Code P     (Some Larger Full Fonts)                $75.00
Code Q    (Standard Full Fonts, 48 pt)            $80.00
Code S     (Some Fonts with Auxiliaries)      $100.00

*    *    *    *    *      

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Ornamental & Monogram Initials 
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