News for October

New this month is Park Avenue, in 18pt, a standard face that should be in every printing office.

Park Avenue
What–you already have it?  OK, no surprise there.  Just wait till you see what we’re casting up for next month; save your shekels!

Recast and back in stock is Border No. U-13, the delicate and lovely antique Spiral Rose; and Della Robbia in 14pt.  (Also now available is a Lowercase Supplement for this font, which we have not offered before, so technically it’s a new item.)

Gotta go, we’re just loading up to launch for the Los Angeles Printers Fair.  Hope to see you there!

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News for September

New this month is Nova Script in 18pt.  This delicate semi-formal face was designed for Intertype in 1937 by George Trenholm. We also present ornamental Border No. G-73, a two-element filigree that might just work very nicely with the Nova.  Back in stock: Parisian, Nestor Script, and Border No. 121.

Nova Script

Border G-073

Don’t miss the 7th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair coming up on Saturday, October 3! This event, held at the International Printing Museum, just gets bigger and better every year.  Skyline will be there as always, with one of the largest booths and plenty of new type for sale. For further info:

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Now You Can Receive Automatic Email Notifications

Many customers have told us over the years that they would like to be notified of all new Skyline castings.  We haven’t had a mailing list as such up to now, but our new web site now has that capability.  Just click on the Subscribe button to the right, and you’ll get an automatic email whenever we post something new.

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News for August

We’ve been busy since returning from the great Chicago Wayzgoose!  And it’s not just the royal “we” this time: Skyline has taken on a full-time casterman, Phoenix letterpress printer and Thompson Tech VII graduate T. H.  (“Type High”) Groves, who is proving himself a great asset to the cause.

Two new fonts this month:  Jessen Schrift in 16pt.  This is one of Rudolph Koch’s designs, released in 1930 for the Klingspor Foundry, and intended for Bible printing.  It’s an unusual hybrid of romanized capitals and blackletter lowercase with several stylized alternate characters and a handcrafted look.  (The name is in honor of Peter Jessen who was a major figure in the book arts of 19th century Germany.)  This casting was primarily a commission job, but many other printers expressed interest, so production was scaled up.  Even with a substantial amount of extra type included in the casting for stock, orders have continued to come in.  In addition to full fonts, a double lowercase supplement was also produced–and is already sold out.  There are a few full fonts still available, however, and these will be sold first-come, so do not hesitate.

Jessen Schrift 16 The second new release, Post Oldstyle Roman No. 2, 18pt, is a fine example of the “rugged” typography in fashion at the turn of the 20th century.  The designer was E. J. Kitson, a staff artist at The Saturday Evening Post, who created this face in 1900.

Post Oldstyle Roman No. 2

And lastly we present Border No. F-816 in 24pt.  It’s a bold, attention-grabbing byzantine design for which we just got the matrices.

Border F-816

The following type faces have been recast, and are back in stock available for purchase once again:  Della Robbia 36pt, and Trocadero 18pt.

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Welcome to Our New Web Site

It’s long overdue, but we finally got a new and far better web site up and running!  Skyline was established in 2004, and soon there was a need for internet presence—and unable to find anyone to take that on, I slapped together an el-cheapo site myself on a do-it-yourself host.  It was rudimentary but served the primary purpose of making our Specimen Book & Catalog available by download.  We outgrew that site years ago, but again, I could not find a good local source to build a new one, and didn’t want to divert my energies from typefounding to deal with all the intricacies myself.  This summer things finally came together and the new site happened.  Many thanks to Sarah H. and Troy G. (both are Phoenix-area letterpress printers) who had what it takes to redesign the site and migrate it to a new and better host.  I’ve tinkered with it myself enough now to be able to make minor revisions and post the monthly update, and there’s plenty of room for growth and enhancements.  We also are tied into the various social media now.  Troy took it upon himself to create a Skyline Facebook page on his own time, and we’ll be going public with that very soon.  Thanks for following us!

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News for June/July

Our new antique revival for this month is Salem in 24pt. A rather rare face, first released in 1901 by the historic Keystone Type Foundry, its intentionally quaint letterforms make it a unique and versatile novelty face.

Back in stock:
Lexington; Border No. 776 and Border No. U-8.

Skyline will be closed June 19 – July 13 for our pilgrimage to the APA Chicago Wayzgoose.  This promises to be a grand event, open to all friends of letterpress printing.  For full information, go to

A comprehensive selection of fonts, borders, initials and Collections will be available at the Skyline sales table.

Stop by and say hello!

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Announcing a Special Casting

Skyline-Type-Foundry-600-JessenWe are preparing to do a special subscription casting of Jessen Schrift.  This romanized blackletter face originated with Rudolph Koch at Germany’s Klingspor foundry in the 1930s.  Skyline has the matrices for four sizes of this face on indefinite loan from their owner; the largest being sixteen (16) point, which will be produced in this project.  Other sizes may be cast at a later date.  (Quads and spacing in this body size are readily available from our friends at M&H Type.)  Fonts will be 9-A 18-a 5-1 and a double lowercase supplement will also be offered–Price Code N for either.  Anyone wishing to reserve some of this type for purchase should contact Skyline via email by the deadline of June 6.  Response will determine how many fonts are cast; a few extra will be made for stock, but availability is not guaranteed unless you contact us.
The graphic above, while rather low-res, is a description of the face and the matrices as published for the Mike Anderson Estate Auction, where the mats were purchased by their present owner.
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